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Ways to Increase Milk Supply

Ways To Increase Milk Supply

McKenzie Pediatrics 2015

Herbal Medications:


Up to 1500mg daily. Be sure to read the label carefully. Fenugreek is often sold as a combination with thyme. Try to get the capsules with Fenugreek alone. Most of the time you need to take 3-4 capsules for each dose and take 3 times a day. Fenugreek is water soluble and everyone responds differently to it. Take as much as you need to saturate your system. You will know that you have reached saturation when your urine and perspiration have the same maple syrup smell as the fenugreek. Continue to take fenugreek at that amount until you are ready to wean off of the herb.

*Blessed thistle or Milk thistle:

3 capsules per dose, three times a day. You don’t need to know the amount of milligrams for this supplement. It also comes in tincture form. If that works better than capsules you need 20 drops of the tincture 3 times a day.

Fenugreek and blessed thistle seem to work better if you take both together, not just one or the other. Fenugreek and blessed thistle work quickly. If they work you will usually notice a difference within 12-24 hrs of starting them. If not, they probably won’t work. Fenugreek and blessed thistle seem to work better in the first few weeks than later. In fact, they tend to work best in the first week.

If you are ready to stop fenugreek and blessed thistle, you can probably stop suddenly, or wean off over a week.

If the above seems to be too much you can try Nursing Mother’s Tincture It contains fenugreek, red raspberry, fennel, and blessed thistle. A dose of 20 drops to a glass of juice 3 times a day is usually adequate.

*Mother’s Milk Tea or Lactation Tea

can be helpful. You need to make it double strength (2 tea bags) and steep for 20 minutes. This tea may be sweetened as desired. To be completely effective you need to drink at least 5 cups per day. You may not need this much in a few days but start out with this amount.

(One option is to boil a gallon of water at night before bedtime. Add all the tea bags from the box of tea, turn off the heat and cover with a lid. Let all the tea bags steep overnight. In the morning, squeeze out the tea bags in to the water. Pour tea into 2 half gallon pitchers and refrigerate. May heat up tea as desired and may sweeten as desired.)

Foods that may help or increase milk supply:

Lactation cookies or Lactation muffins- They are delicious and well worth the effort. Have a friend or family member make them for you!

Eat several snacks with protein during the day and have plenty to drink so you are never thirsty. Eat oatmeal every day, and having garlic and ginger in moderation is also helpful. Flaxseed and brewer’s yeast (about 1 TBSP each) as desired can be added to oatmeal, yogurt, or cereal.

Extra pumping will encourage a good milk supply and right after the baby nurses is best. The skin-to-skin that you do with your baby will send a stronger signal to your brain that tells your body to make more milk.

Where can I buy these products?

Most grocery stores like Fred Meyer, Market of Choice, Target, etc. carry these products in the “health food” section. Other stores in our area that carry these herbals are Wyant’s Family Health Foods (722 S A St. Springfield) & Natural Grocers (201 Coburg Rd. Eugene)

Websites for additional information: herbal remedies for increasing milk supply, and Domperidone for information on hands on pumping and maximizing milk supply. remedies for increasing milk supply.