WWW: Wear A Mask, Wash Your Hands (Often!), and Watch Your Distance!

Useful Parent Links

As Pediatric Physicians in Eugene-Springfield, we have available to us a great deal of information for parents on healthy kids. No doubt as a parent you have questions about child health topics and at some point will be looking for parenting support and advice. It's OK! No one has all of the answers about how to raise children, and your kids are different than any others. But this information can help, so please check out what's here and we hope you find this health information useful and valuable. You can always feel comfortable asking our pediatric physicians any questions about health.

As pediatricians in Eugene, Oregon we are always on the lookout for healthy, fun activities that parents and kids can enjoy together. Oregon is blessed with an abundance of awesome places to visit, some are wonders of natural beauty and some are kid-oriented fun businesses worth visiting. All are within a half-day’s drive from the Eugene-Springfield area.