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Finding Child Care

Finding Child Care

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What Is “The Best”?

The best child care promotes a child’s healthy development in a safe and nurturing environment, where parents are involved, and the caregivers receive ongoing training and support. A caregiver with training in child development is the main ingredient in quality child care. To keep the most qualified people in the field, parents should expect that a child care provider should be paid commiserate with their education and training.

The best child care environments have plenty of space and equipment for learning, for indoor and outdoor activities, and for rest. The best family child care providers operate as small businesses and follow state regulations. The best child care centers have enough qualified staff for your child to receive quality individual attention, and they offer their staff competitive wages and benefits, as well as continuing education opportunities. They should be state-certified, meeting state health and safety requirements, and carry insurance.

What Is Family Child Care?

Family child care is child care offered in the home of the caregiver. Oregon law requires only that they be registered with the state Child Care Division if the caregiver cares for more than 3 children, or for children from more than 1 family. Family child cares may care for up to 10 children, though only 6 may be younger than 6 years of age, and only 2 younger than 2 years of age. Family homes are not inspected by the state.

What Are Child Care Centers?

These are full- or part-time programs, certified as passing state health and safety inspections, and as maintaining specific ratios of staff to children. Staff is also checked for prior criminal and child abuse records. You may call the Oregon State Child Care Division at 1-800-556-6616 to check on a child care center’s certification status.

What Should I Look For When I Visit A Child Care Site?

What Questions Should I Ask?

What Your Child Care Provider Has A Right To Expect From You:

Where Can I Call For More Information?