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COVID-19 Exposure?

Date: 05/31/2019

If your child has had an exposure to an individual who has tested positive for COVID, please read through the following guidelines:

1. If your child has NO symptoms, testing is generally NOT necessary unless there are concerns with regards to return to school or daycare, or your child is soon due to be around a vulnerable person such as an elderly grandparent, or someone with a compromised immune system

2. If your child has no symptoms, but you still prefer him or her to be tested, best is to do so around the FIFTH day after exposure

3. If your exposed child develops symptoms, you could simply presume that the child has COVID if the exposure was close and for > 15 minutes. But if testing is still desired, Monday through Friday we can send an order to McKenzie Willamette Medical Center for a drive-through test, with results within 48 hours.

4. Our office MAY be able to perform the test, but we limit this availability to young children under the age of 7 years. And as our FIRST priority is to seeing patients and triaging phone calls regarding ill children, we may not have staffing to test more than a few children per day. You may be directed to McKenzie-Willamette. Please understand that we cannot devote our staff to daylong COVID testing.

5. If your child has had an exposure, but has no symptoms, we recommend 10 days of quarantine per CDC guidelines. If your child tests POSITIVE for COVID, we advise 5 days of home isolation followed by 5 days of mask-wearing around others outside the home, if asymptomatic (no symptoms).

6. However, if your child test positive AND has symptoms, home isolation is advised for 5 days, and beyond until symptoms are resolving for at least 72 hours.

7. Please vaccinate your child age 5 or older. Now is the time, and the window of opportunity is closing. It takes 10-14 days for the vaccine to start working, and a full two weeks after the second dose before maximum achievable immunity is reached. If you might be an anxious, worried, or panicked parent upon learning that your vaccine-eligible child has been exposed to COVID, then PLEASE VACCINATE NOW. Thank you!!