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Health Information about Teens

Check here for comprehensive information about teen health, from your teen doctor in Eugene, Springfield Oregon at McKenzie Pediatrics.

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Acne Basics For Teens
ADD & ADHD: A Parent Guide
Adolescent Nutrition: What Parents Need To Know
Alcohol Use in Youth and Adolescents
Ankle Injuries: Basic Home Care
Anti-Depressant Use In Children & Adolescents
Asthma & Allergies: Controlling Allergens
Asthma and Your Child
Backpacks: Pack Them Light & Wear Them Right
Bedwetting (Enuresis) & Urinary Incontinence
Bike Helmets: Be Head Smart!
Bullying: Children Hurting Children
Burn & Sunburn Care Basics
Calcium: Is My Child Getting Enough?
Cancer in the Parent or Caregiver
Celiac Disease: More Common Than We Realize
Choking Game - Not A Game At All
Clean Hands Matter!
Concussions In The Young Athlete
Consent Guidelines For Medical Services
Contraception: What Teen Girls Need To Know
Dating Violence: Tips For Parents
Divorce: Its Impact On Children
Dr. Todd's 'Tween & Teen Suggested Reading List 2011
Eating Disorders: Anorexia
Exclusion Criteria: When To Keep Your Child Home From School or Daycare
Firearm Injury Prevention
Fireworks Safety
Gay & Lesbian Teens: Information For Parents
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Guiding Your Teen Through Adolescence
Halloween Safety
Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease
Head Lice: A Human Nuisance
Heads Up: Preventing Concussion
Herbal Remedies For Insomnia
HPV & The HPV Vaccine
Influenza: The True Flu
Inspirational Quotes For Parents For Their Teens
Introversion & Extroversion: Do You Know Your Child?
Life Quotes For Teens & Parents
Marijuana And Your Teen
Mono: The Kissing Disease, and Much More
Motion Sickness in Children
MRSA: What Is It & Should I Worry?
Nutritional Supplements and the Teen Athlete
Physical Development In Girls: What To Expect
Preventing Sports Injuries

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