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Health Information about School-Age Children

Please visit us at McKenzie Pediatrics children’s clinic in Oregon, wherever you live in Eugene, Springfield. We hope this information about children’s health is helpful for you.

Click on any title to open and print a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have the reader installed on your computer, you can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader here.
ADD & ADHD: A Parent Guide
Allergies In Young Children
Anemia and Your Child
Ankle Injuries: Basic Home Care
Asthma & Allergies: Controlling Allergens
Asthma and Your Child
Backpacks: Pack Them Light & Wear Them Right
Bedbugs Are Back, And They're Biting!
Bedwetting (Enuresis) & Urinary Incontinence
Bike Helmets: Be Head Smart!
Bug Repellent Basics
Bullying: Children Hurting Children
Burn & Sunburn Care Basics
Calcium: Is My Child Getting Enough?
Cancer in the Parent or Caregiver
Car Seat Safety 2011
Celiac Disease: More Common Than We Realize
Child Passenger Safety Laws in Oregon
Childhood Obesity: A Problem That's Getting Bigger
Childhood Sports Participation: Ready, Willing, and Able?
Choking Game - Not A Game At All
Cigarette Smoking: Its Effects On Children
Clean Hands Matter!
Cold Medications: Empty Out That Medicine Cabinet!
Colds & Fevers In Children
Colds, Allergies, Sinus Infections, and Flu: How To Tell The Difference?
Concussions In The Young Athlete
Conjunctivitis ("Pink Eye")
Consent Guidelines For Medical Services
Constipation in Childhood
Coping With Death: How To Help Your Bereaved Child
Corporal Punishment: Ever or Never?
Croup And Your Young Child
Decolonization of MRSA: A Parent's How-To Guide
Diarrhea & Vomiting Home Management
Dietary Fiber: Good Sources For Your Child
Divorce: Its Impact On Children
Do Parents Matter?
Doctor Todd's Suggested Reading List
Dogs And Children
Dr. Todd's Non-Cartoon Family Movie List 2011
Drowning Prevention
Ear Infections In Children
Eczema: Causes and Care
Emotional Development of Preschoolers
Exclusion Criteria: When To Keep Your Child Home From School or Daycare
Eyelid Problems
Fever Seizures: Scary But Usually Harmless
Fifth Disease

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