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Health Information about Newborns & Toddlers

Please visit this page for health information about Eugene, Oregon newborn care from McKenzie Pediatrics.

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Allergies In Young Children
Anemia and Your Child
Autism: Understanding These Puzzling Disorders
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
Baby Safety Article
Baby Walkers Are Very Dangerous!
Battery Ingestions: An Emerging Hazard
Blocked Tear Ducts In Infants
Breast Feeding Benefits
Breath-Holding Spells
Bronchiolitis and Your Young Child
Bug Repellent Basics
Burn Injuries In Children: Most Are Preventable
Car Seat Safety 2011
Child Passenger Safety Laws in Oregon
Cigarette Smoking: Its Effects On Children
Circumcision Care: After the Procedure
Circumcision: Is It The Right Thing To Do For Your Baby?
Cold Medications: Empty Out That Medicine Cabinet!
Colds & Fevers In Children
Colic: Excessive Crying In The Young Infant
Conjunctivitis ("Pink Eye")
Consent Guidelines For Medical Services
Constipation in Childhood
Crib Safety 2011: Know The New Rules
Developmental Milestones Through Age 6
Diaper Rashes
Dietary Fiber: Good Sources For Your Child
Divorce: Its Impact On Children
Drowning Prevention
Ear Infections In Children
Eczema: Causes and Care
Exclusion Criteria: When To Keep Your Child Home From School or Daycare
Eyelid Problems
Fever Seizures: Scary But Usually Harmless
Finding Child Care
Flattened Baby Heads: When To Worry
Fluoride: Information For Parents
Flying with Children? Here's Some Help!!
Food Allergy and Intolerance
Hitting (and How To Respond Without Hitting Back)
Injury Prevention Across Childhood
Introducing Solid Feedings
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Is My Breast Feeding Baby Allergic To Dairy?
Lead Poisoning in Young Children
Minor Head Injuries In Young Children
Newborn Skin Care
Night Terrors

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