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Health Commentaries

McKenzie Pediatrics Eugene children’s clinic provides information about a variety of health issues for children from babies to teens, such as autism, vaccine safety, baby safety, childhood obesity, and other topics that you might be concerned about as a parent. Please visit us if you are looking for a children’s clinic for your family!

Click on any title to open and print a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have the reader installed on your computer, you can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader here.

Advertising To Children: Parents Beware
Alternative Medicine: Science or Snake Oil?
Autism: Separating Myth From Fact
Baby Safety Article
Banning Circumcision Not Medically Recommended
Bedbugs Are Back, And They're Biting!
Bob Welch's Interview With Dr. Huffman
Burn Injuries In Children: Most Are Preventable
Capital Punishment Editorial
Childhood Obesity: A Problem That's Getting Bigger
Children at Play Are Pint-Sized Scientists
Children's Vaccines Protect Communities & Save Lives
Choking Game - Not A Game At All
Circumcision: Is It The Right Thing To Do?
Cold Medications: Empty Out That Medicine Cabinet!
Colds, Allergies, Sinus Infections, and Flu: How To Tell The Difference?
Composing Letters To The Editor
Good Health Begins At Home
Gun Safety Is Every Parent's Responsibility
Helping Children Deal With Divorce
Homesickness In Children
Kids Need A Respite From TV
Names: The American Naming Revolution
Obese Kids Face Lifetime Of Woes
On Learning To Die Gently
On the Anniversary of a Massacre
On the Death of Two Fathers
Our Twitchy-Thumbed Future: Male Youth and Their Video Game Obsessions
Parents: Beware of Childhood Infections
Physical Activity At Child Care: Not Enough, & Too Much TV
Science 101
Sex Education Should Include Abstinence AND Contraception
Sexuality In The Media & Its Effects On Children And Teens
Sleep: The Forgotten Country
Smothered In Praise
Take Children Out Of Anti-Gay Arguments
Tanning Beds: Neither Safe Nor For Your Good Health
The Bully Factor
The Play's The Thing: Today's Children Aren't Getting Enough Of It
Toy Guns & Gunplay: Should Parents Be Worried?
Turning Kids' Minds Off Consumerism
TV Decency: It's Up To Parents
Type 2 Diabetes: When High Sugar Is Not So Sweet
Vaccine Q&A
Video Games: Good or Bad?
Violence in Media: Health Effects on Children & Adolescents
Vitamin D Deficiency: An Urgent National Problem
Welcome Letter To Parenthood
Wired But Disconnected

1442 South A Street • Springfield, OR 97477     Tel: 541-726-4100 • Fax: 541-726-4900