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Health Commentaries

McKenzie Pediatrics Eugene children’s clinic provides information about a variety of health issues for children from babies to teens, such as autism, vaccine safety, baby safety, childhood obesity, and other topics that you might be concerned about as a parent. Please visit us if you are looking for a children’s clinic for your family!

Click on any title to open and print a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have the reader installed on your computer, you can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader here.

Advertising To Children: Parents Beware
Alternative Medicine: Science or Snake Oil?
Autism: Separating Myth From Fact
Baby Safety Article
Banning Circumcision Not Medically Recommended
Bedbugs Are Back, And They're Biting!
Bob Welch's Interview With Dr. Huffman
Burn Injuries In Children: Most Are Preventable
Capital Punishment Editorial
Childhood Obesity: A Problem That's Getting Bigger
Children at Play Are Pint-Sized Scientists
Children's Vaccines Protect Communities & Save Lives
Choking Game - Not A Game At All
Circumcision: Is It The Right Thing To Do?
Cold Medications: Empty Out That Medicine Cabinet!
Colds, Allergies, Sinus Infections, and Flu: How To Tell The Difference?
Composing Letters To The Editor
E-Cigarettes: Ban Sales To Minors
Good Health Begins At Home
Gun Safety Is Every Parent's Responsibility
Helping Children Deal With Divorce
Homesickness In Children
Kids Need A Respite From TV
Marijuana Legalization Means More Use Among Teens
Names: The American Naming Revolution
Obese Kids Face Lifetime Of Woes
On Learning To Die Gently
On the Anniversary of a Massacre
On the Death of Two Fathers
Our Twitchy-Thumbed Future: Male Youth and Their Video Game Obsessions
Parents: Beware of Childhood Infections
Physical Activity At Child Care: Not Enough, & Too Much TV
Science 101
Sex Education Should Include Abstinence AND Contraception
Sexuality In The Media & Its Effects On Children And Teens
Sleep: The Forgotten Country
Small Children Spend Too Much Time on Tiny Screens
Smothered In Praise
Take Children Out Of Anti-Gay Arguments
Tanning Beds: Neither Safe Nor For Your Good Health
The Bully Factor
The Play's The Thing: Today's Children Aren't Getting Enough Of It
Toy Guns & Gunplay: Should Parents Be Worried?
Turning Kids' Minds Off Consumerism
TV Decency: It's Up To Parents
Type 2 Diabetes: When High Sugar Is Not So Sweet
Vaccine Q&A
Video Games: Good or Bad?
Violence in Media: Health Effects on Children & Adolescents
Vitamin D Deficiency: An Urgent National Problem
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1442 South A Street • Springfield, OR 97477     Tel: 541-726-4100 • Fax: 541-726-4900