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Health Information about Teens

Check here for comprehensive information about teen health, from your teen doctor in Eugene, Springfield Oregon at McKenzie Pediatrics.

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Promoting Positive Sexual Attitudes
Puberty: A Guide For Parents
Scabies: Are You Itching To Know More?
Sex Education Should Include Abstinence AND Contraception
Sexuality In The Media & Its Effects On Children And Teens
Social Media & Sexting
Sore Throat: When Is It Strep?
Sportsmanship & Children
Swimmer's Ear
Tanning Beds: Neither Safe Nor For Your Good Health
Tattoos & Body Piercing: What You Should Know
Teen Driving: A Must-Read for Parents
Teen Parties: A Parent Guide
Traveling Out Of The Country? Here's Some Advice!
Type 2 Diabetes: When High Sugar Is Not So Sweet
Urinary Tract Infections
Video Games: Good or Bad?
Warts & Wart Care
West Nile Virus: What Is It?
What Coaches Can Do To Create A Positive Youth Sports Experience
What Parents Can Do To Create A Positive Youth Sports Experience
Work Laws For Minors

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