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Health Information about School-Age Children

Please visit us at McKenzie Pediatrics children’s clinic in Oregon, wherever you live in Eugene, Springfield. We hope this information about children’s health is helpful for you.

Click on any title to open and print a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have the reader installed on your computer, you can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader here.

Finding Child Care
Firearm Injury Prevention
Fireworks Safety
Fluoride: Information For Parents
Food Allergy and Intolerance
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Gifted Children
Growing Pains
Gun Safety Is Every Parent's Responsibility
Halloween Safety
Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease
Head Lice: A Human Nuisance
Headaches In Children
Health Myths
Helping Children Deal With Divorce
Helping Your Child Learn To Read
Herbal Remedies For Insomnia
Hitting (and How To Respond Without Hitting Back)
Hives in Children
Homesickness In Children
Influenza: Guidelines for Parents
Influenza: The True Flu
Injury Prevention Across Childhood
Insect Bites
Inspirational Quotes For Parents For Their Children
Introversion & Extroversion: Do You Know Your Child?
Is Your Child Ready For School?
Kids Need A Respite From TV
Lawn Mowers & Children: A Dangerous Combination
Minor Head Injuries In Young Children
Motion Sickness in Children
MRSA: What Is It & Should I Worry?
Obese Kids Face Lifetime Of Woes
Parents: Beware of Childhood Infections
Physical Activity At Child Care: Not Enough, & Too Much TV
Praise and Parenting
Preparing Siblings For A New Baby
Preventing Foodborne Illness
Preventing Sports Injuries
Promoting Positive Sexual Attitudes
Puberty: A Guide For Parents
Radiation & Diagnostic Imaging
Ringworm, and Other Human Fungal Infections
Rotavirus: A Spring Gastrointestinal Infection
Scabies: Are You Itching To Know More?
Setting Limits For Young Children
1442 South A Street • Springfield, OR 97477     Tel: 541-726-4100 • Fax: 541-726-4900